Progressing In Your Training During COVID-19

While there's plenty of uncertainty about what the future holds in regards to COVID-19 and how it will continue to affect the horse industry, there's no reason that this can't still be a productive time to continue training. Here are some tips and ideas on how to keep moving forward.

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Training with Tik: The Ever-Evolving Freestyle

By: Tik Maynard
Originally published in the Fall 2019 edition of Off-Track Thoroughbred Magazine

Tik breaks down the new Freestyle rules and how this year’s judges plan to apply them

Every year the Freestyle division at the Thoroughbred Makeover gets more competitive and more popular. Entering the Freestyle is like going to Vegas — you can do almost anything you want. In any given year we might see trainers and their ex-racehorses play at liberty, drive, jump through a flaming ring of fire, chase an ATV, cut a calf or sit on a tattered blue sofa.

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In Safe Hands

By: Erica Larson
Spring 2018 issue of Off-Track Thoroughbred Magazine

Many riders hail Thoroughbreds as the safest steeds cross-country; is there truth to this claim?

Cross-country is eventing’s hallmark. It’s exhilarating for riders and spectators alike as horses gallop across varying terrain, splash through water, and soar over fences. Unfortunately, it can also be dangerous.

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